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RIPM Completes First Update to RIPM Jazz Periodicals

October, 2020
RIPM has completed the first update to RIPM Jazz Periodicals. The new titles added to the collection are:

C.R.C Newsletter (Decatur, GA, 1975-1987)
C.R.C. Jazz Journal (New Orleans, LA, 1987-1989)
Gene Lees Jazzletter (Ojai, California, 1981-2008)
Jazzbeat (New Orleans, LA, 1989-2010)
Riffs (Arlington, TX, 1977-1978)
The New Regime (Chicago, IL, 1969-1971)
Whiskey, Women, and… (Haverhill, MA, 1971-1989)

For more information about each new journal, click on ‘Fall 2020 Update’.

Seven New Titles to be Added to RIPM Jazz Periodicals in 2020

April, 2020
RIPM will expand its coverage of the American jazz press by adding seven new titles to RIPM Jazz Periodicals in 2020, bringing the total to 112 out-of-print, full-text jazz journals and magazines published from 1914 to 2010. For more information about new journals, click on ‘Forthcoming Titles’.

RIPM Jazz Periodicals: Now Available!

May, 2019
RIPM Jazz Periodicals is now available! For institutional trial and subscription information, click on ‘Request a Trial or Quote’.

RIPM Jazz Periodicals: Coming Soon!

February, 2019
After significant work and unforeseen delays, RIPM is pleased to announce a Spring 2019 release of RIPM Jazz Periodicals. The collection will debut with 105 rare, full-text periodicals published from 1914 to 2006. The collection will consist initially of American (U. S.) publications; forthcoming updates will include periodicals published in Europe and Canada.

RIPM Scans its One-Hundreth Journal for RIPM Jazz Periodicals

October, 2017
With the digitization of its one-hundredth journal, RIPM has completed processing the first installment of RIPM Jazz Periodicals, the second title in its Preservation Series. Undertaken with the collaboration of the Institute of Jazz Studies of Rutgers University, which houses the largest collection of jazz periodicals in the world, the first phase of RIPM Jazz Periodicals will consist of 100 full-text American (U.S.) journals published from the 1910s to 2000. The publication will be released in early 2019 exclusively on the RIPMPlus Platform.

RIPM Jazz Periodicals Announced

June, 2015
RIPM in collaboration with the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University and RIPM Partner and Participating Libraries, will create a new publication, RIPM Jazz Periodicals. Announced at the 2015 IAML/IMS Congress in New York City, this collection will initially contain 100 full text American jazz journals published between 1920 and approximately the year 2000. Significant journals will include, among others, CadenceMississippi Rag, and Record Changer.