Preceded by: CRC Jazz Journal (New Orleans, LA, 1987-1989)

Added in the Fall 2020 update

“The first Jazzbeat mailing was an amazing 15,000 copies, probably the largest circulation ever achieved by a magazine devoted largely to traditional jazz. By the third issue of JazzBeat, the magazine was turned over to Jon Pult, a young New Orleans-based writer. It began to resemble a magazine more, with articles, poems and photographs. The editorship of JazzBeat changed in 1996 when Paige VanVorst came on board. Paige had been Associate Editor of the Mississippi Rag for 25 years and he’d written liner notes for a number of labels.”

Paige VanVorst, “Jazzology 60th Anniversary” (2010)
(URL, accessed 11 December 2020)