Jazz Record, The

The Jazz Record was unusual among jazz magazines in that its founder and editor was a renowned jazz musician—pianist Art Hodes. Begun as a bi-weekly, the magazine became a monthly after ten issues. Articles written by musicians—or ghostwriters under their names—were frequent. Floyd Bean, Baby Dodds, Henry Goodwin, George Lewis, Mezz Mezzrow, Al Morgan, Dave Nelson, Jim Robinson, Gene Sedric, Zutty Singleton, and Mary Lou Williams were all officially contributors. Bassist Jimmy Butts wrote an unusual column of ‘uptown’ (Harlem) news during the Record’s first year.

Other Record pieces were the work of regular jazz writers. Rudi Blesh, Nesuhi Ertegun, Ralph J. Gleason, John Hammond, Nat Hentoff, Ross Russel, John Steiner, and Eugene Williams all contributed articles, interviews, and reviews to this traditional-jazz-oriented periodical.”

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