Sabin’s Radio Free Jazz USA

Continued by: Radio Free Jazz (Washington, DC, 1975-1980)

Lacunae: vol. 12 no. 69-70, 75; vol. 13 no. 8; vol. 14 no. 2-4, 7-8, 10-11. These issues will be loaded in 2025.

Sabin’s Radio Free Jazz USA is the third of four predecessor titles to JazzTimes (1980-present).

Sabin’s Discount Records (1970)
Sabin’s Happenings
Sabin’s Radio Free Jazz USA
Radio Free Jazz (1975-1980)

Founded by Ira Sabin, and beginning as a supplemental newsletter for his Washington, D.C. record store, these publications steadily grew into one of the most widely-known and disseminated jazz magazines worldwide. The titles preceding JazzTimes are important contributions to jazz periodical literature, and include regular contributions by writers such as Dan Morgenstern, Ira Gitler, Ron Welburn, and Martin Williams, as well as numerous articles, interviews, news and reports, comments and commentary, and record and concert reviews.

RIPM would like to thank the Sabin family for inclusion of Sabin’s Radio Free Jazz USA as part of the RIPM Jazz Periodicals collection.